Kindello Benefits - Book a visit to a childcare centre in 1 click

In this post we will explain the key benefits of Kindello and why it is so helpful. We have designed this platform to make it super easy for parents to connect with childcare centres.

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Logan WhitelawFebruary 25, 2022

Kindello Benefits - Book a visit to a childcare centre in 1 click

Why are parents using Kindello to find their perfect childcare?

Ever wonder what drives parents to find childcare for their family on Kindello? Or why they booked a number of visits to centres before choosing?

We spoke with our parent users to gather insights into what drove them to find childcare options and book visits through Kindello. They also told us about the key benefits they found when using Kindello. We'll use this information to improve the platform, make it even easier to connect with the perfect childcare for your family, and ultimately empower parents choosing childcare.

Every option in one place

Parents told us that being able to see every childcare option in one place, without the need to endlessly scroll Google, was a key benefit to using Kindello. In particular, the ability to search the map based on where they lived or worked was really handy and something that made finding childcare easier.


We use filters to enable parents to narrow the search for the type of childcare that best fits their unique needs. For example, you can choose whether you are looking for All Day or Part Day services, or whether Meals Provided is a must have for you.

Parents commented that this saved them a lot of time by narrowing their choices down to the services that actually meet their needs. You can spend hours on Google searching for all the centres around you, only to have to scroll through each website trying to decipher the features and services they offer.

Filters have been a big hit, so we'll look to roll out further filter options in the future based on this feedback.


It can be really hard to compare 'apples with apple's when finding childcare. This is mainly because each childcare website is so different and the levels of information provided vary so widely.

We've really focused on simplifying the whole experience - that's why each centre is provided with the same listing framework - from filters, opening hours and reviews, through to the actual layout of the listing and number of photos. This way you can truly compare each centre on its merits - not simply who has the prettiest website.

Parents told us that this ability to compare different childcare choices in one place was really helpful.

Parent reviews

Let's face it, childcare websites can say whatever they want about their centre - but when it comes to our kids, we want the extra certainty of knowing what existing parents really think. This is where real, detailed and independent parent reviews are so important. That's why we put so much effort into ensuring that parent reviews are an integral part of the Kindello experience.

We listened to our early users and created a review rating system that focuses on the key elements parents said were important to them. Centres are now reviewed and rated across these categories:

  • Indoor

  • Outdoor

  • Teachers

  • Communication

  • Value

  • XFactor

Parents told us that they were far more likely to view listings and book visits with centres that already had parent reviews. Because all centres are reviewed across the same categories, you can truly compare 'apples with apples' for the first time.

Favourites and sharing

Previously, one of the more annoying things when searching for childcare was creating the list of possible centres and then trying to share details with partners, friends and family. Our early users asked for the ability to favourite centres and share any listing with others - so that's what we've done.

You can now favourite as many centres as you like and they appear in your favourites tab. You can also share listings directly with others to get their opinion or simply show them an amazing new centre.

This allows you to come back to your list at anytime, decide which ones you'd like to visit and instantly book - without the need to search and find again. Parents told us that this was one of the main benefits of the Favourites feature that almost all of them used it to create a list of potential centres to visit.

Booking visits

Overwhelmingly, parent users told us that the ability to book and manage visits to childcare centres all on one platform was the major benefit they found using Kindello.

Instead of emails to each individual centre, phonecalls, voice mails and missed calls - parents can request a visit to a centre on a day that suits them with one click.

Because all your visit bookings are in one place, it's super easy to keep track of and to change any date/time if you need. It was this easy management of your bookings that came through strongly as key difference between calling around trying to organise bookings versus a platform designed to make booking visits easy.

A number of parents even commented that, because it was so easy to book visits, they visited more centres than they would have otherwise and therefore had more confidence in their decision on where to enrol.


One of the main complaints that we heard from parents before using Kindello was that they would call a centre, leave a voicemail, send an email or fill out a contact form, only to never hear back or wait ages for a response.

To solve this problem, we've introduced the chat function on Kindello. As soon as you request a visit to a centre, a chat thread is opened and you can communicate directly to that centre. There's now no need for endless emails and phone calls and you can ask any questions instantly. To make sure you don't miss anything, you're notified by email when you receive a message.

We've seen the chat function speed up the visit booking process and provide parents with everything they need before visiting a centre.

Other requests - Homebased

Parents appreciated that they were shown every centre-based childcare choice in their area and many commented that they would love to see their Homebased childcare options too. So we've listened to that feedback and we're excited to confirm that we'll be giving kiwi parents even more choice by launching Homebased listings in the near future with a number of the largest providers already committed to joining.

Ready to check out the amazing childcare options in your area? Jump across to Kindello and search in your area now!

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