Cracking the Code of Picky Eaters: A Playful Guide to Happy Meals

We are all on a quest to ensure our kids thrive and stay as happy as can be. And we know that one key to a happy child is a healthy child. But let's face it, when it comes to getting them to eat right, it can be a bit of a culinary adventure, right?

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Gina UrlichOctober 26, 2023

Cracking the Code of Picky Eaters: A Playful Guide to Happy Meals

The Battle of the Picky Eaters: Tomato Tantrums and Food Flips We've all been there—noses turned up, food tossed on the floor, and the epic tomato showdown. We hear you loud and clear, and we are here to share some wisdom.

The Secret Recipe to Getting the Good Stuff In!

Kids are creatures of habit, and routines are their best buddies. Try keeping meal and snack times consistent each day. Children thrive on rituals and the comfort of the familiar, whether it's a bedtime routine, a mealtime groove, or the trusty favourite plate. Establishing a daily routine can provide predictability and security for your picky, fussy eater.

Feeding the Hungry Hungry Hippos: Frequent "Mini Meals"

Growing kiddos need fuel for their energetic adventures. Opt for small but frequent nutrient-packed "mini meals." This approach helps maintain steady blood sugar levels and keeps crankiness, pickiness, and tantrums at bay. We all know that a hungry child isn't the happiest camper.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Be Their Healthy Role Model

Little ones are expert observers of the adults in their lives. That means parents, grandparents, extended family, friends, and even those older siblings.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I eat regular meals, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner? If not, how can I expect my child to? Am I a fan of healthy, nutrient-packed fresh foods? If not, how can I expect my child to be? Do I pick at my food and avoid certain veggies? Guess what, your child might pick up this habit too. Where do I eat? In front of the TV, at the kitchen counter, or while rushing to work? Does my family share most breakfasts and dinners together? Am I eating the same meal as my child, or do I expect them to have something different?

Super-Sized Portions: Fistfuls, Not Feasts

Remember, your little one's tummy is about the size of their tiny fist. So, start with small portions initially. They don't need much to feel full but may get hungry again quickly. Say no to empty calories and steer clear of high-sugar processed foods.

Finger Foods for the Win: Independence Rules

Toddlers are all about independence, and finger foods give them just that. We all know how fiercely independent a toddler can be!

Sip Your Way to Success: Smoothies for the Win

Kids sometimes prefer sipping to munching. Smoothies are your secret weapon to boost nutrition for your picky eater (and yourself!). You can hide all sorts of goodness in a drink, so don't despair!

Try a blend of frozen banana, Greek yogurt, nuts, seeds, spinach, avocado, and coconut milk. Sneak in some fish oil, probiotics, and a scoop of Norish Smoothie Booster for an extra boost. Add a colorful straw or fun drinking cup to up the excitement and compliance. Any leftovers can be frozen into delightful ice blocks or "ice cream" snacks for those scorching summer days and post-school treats.

Tiny Tummies, Big Impact: Understanding Their Unique Digestive Journey

Physiologically, your little one's gut, brain, and immune system are still a work in progress. Their gut lining is a bit "leaky," and their liver's detox powers are still in the training phase. This means they can't handle food toxins or environmental toxins as effectively as adults, which can affect their overall health, mood, and eating habits.

The Puzzle of Picky Eating: It's Not One-Size-Fits-All

Every child is unique, and the reasons behind their picky eating vary. Take time to explore why your child is finicky about food. Is it in their genes? Did certain food habits form early on? Or could there be an underlying condition at play? So, dear parents, embrace the adventure of raising a pint-sized food critic. With patience, love, and a sprinkle of playful know-how, you'll decode the picky eating puzzle and savor the moments of your little one's culinary journey.

Stay playful, stay knowledgeable, and stay capable!

By Gina Urlich, BHSc Clinical Nutritionist

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